Questions from Farmers Branch Residents

Q.   What experience do you have with city issues? How will you recuse yourself from city decisions that would benefit your development company? - Tom E.

A.   Regarding my experience with city issues, I was on the Parks and Rec Board for two terms. Additionally, provided my experience as a real estate developer, I've dealt with projects and budgets that exceeded $100MM, which is at or more than our current city budget. I was tasked with budget oversight, analysis and project management to ensure that multiple trades and departments worked together to deliver projects on time and under budget. I would lean on that experience in how I would approach issues with our city. In areas that I wasn't sure of an answer or direction, I would ask the other council members, our experienced city staff, neighborhoods affected by the decisions, and people I've met with city experience for assistance. Most of the decisions made by the city are voted on by the other council members. I would help set the direction and focus of our city over the next few years and work closely with our council to see that these items get accomplished. 

Should I need to recuse myself from city decisions, I would do so in accordance with the state laws, city charter, bylaws and code of ethics. My aim is to work closely with developers to ensure that our city is getting the developments that we want accomplished and accomplished in a way that puts Farmers Branch first. The only benefit that I expect to see from development in Farmers Branch would be a direct benefit to our citizens and the city. I don't have the intention of involving my development company in future developments, but only the intention to help select thoughtful and well respected developers that will align their goals with our city's to ensure we are receiving the types of developments we want and those that maximize the benefit to our city. I don't plan to be aligned with any one group, but I'll always try to benefit the city as a whole. 

Q.   What is your stance on backyard hens? 

A.   As an advocate for increased sustainability efforts, I'm for backyard hens in Farmers Branch. I would like to see that coops comply with all setback regulations to ensure coops are proper distances from any resident's and neighboring residents' housing. Further, I would restrict the ordinance to include only hens, prohibit roosters, and limit the number of hens a property may raise. There's a lot of misinformation surrounding the hazards of backyard hens, when in fact they decrease mosquitoes and insect activity, provide natural fertilizer, are natural composters, and produce healthier eggs than commerical farms that sell to most large grocers. Younger families and generations are looking for more friendly ordinances like this that push sustainability and urban agricultural / farming initiatives. In order to be a more modern city, we need to implement these type of initiatives.


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