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A city should be unified in its vision for its future and also across all of its departments. Our police, fire fighters and city employees are the lifeblood of our community that is personally invested in our well-being and responsible for all of the amazing amenities we enjoy. I believe that our council and citizens should be fully invested in these departments as well – it’s imperative that you take care of the people that take care of you. Further, uniting in a common goal with our school systems and local businesses will add to an overall theme of city unity that will drive both tangible and non-quantifiable value within Farmers Branch.  


Our city and our schools need to work together and create unity to ensure all children in Farmers Branch have an opportunity to get a great education. Our city leaders should be more invested in our school districts and the education that serve the majority of our children. Public education has benefited millions of people in all sorts of ways, including me. I could not have had the life I’ve lived had it not been for the free education I received in Farmers Branch. I believe creating cohesiveness between the City and schools will help us move our schools in the right direction and continue down the path to excellence, which not only leads to great educations for the children, but also increases value citywide. 

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images


Development in Farmers Branch is necessary to help shape a thriving, walkable community with new restaurants, retail and small businesses that provide enjoyment for our current citizens. As a commercial real estate developer, I will bring my knowledge and expertise that’s focused on vision, creativity and community to move new developments forward. My intent is to get my hands dirty and work directly with the city, developers, investors and small businesses to ensure all priorities are aligned to finally accomplish responsible development and redevelopment in our city center.  Furthermore, I plan on assisting with development efforts that are currently in progress to ensure they create responsible, long-lasting vitality for our city and our vision for the future.   


Sustainability has been a buzz word recently and is an area where Farmers Branch can make further progress. Our recently formed sustainability board was a step in the right direction and will be a great aid going forward. We can leverage our award-winning parks department and future trail system to continue implementing new sustainability measures to move Farmers Branch forward. Sustainability increases value across the city and I think a stronger focus on making changes for our future will strengthen our image in North Texas and continue to make Farmers Branch a great city where families seek to plant roots.

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Our city takes pride in its attention to maintaining our roads and public utilities to ensure our citizens have great citywide infrastructure. Our City’s diligence and constant repair of and improvement of our city’s infrastructure is a policy I want to continue. I believe a city with above-average infrastructure is attractive not only to current residents, but also future residents. I don’t consider infrastructure to be limited to our roads and public utilities, but also to our facilities, amenities and communications infrastructure. 


Farmers Branch is known for its low tax rates, and it is my aim to ensure that tax rates stay low. Responsible development and rising property values provide a mechanism for increasing our tax base, which in turn should help keep our tax rates low. Our city staff has done a tremendous job keeping our city budget in line and well capitalized. I plan on working with the staff to ensure that our budgets remain such and that we continue to use our funds prudently on projects that create long-lasting benefits to our citizens. 


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