Dear Residents of Farmers Branch,

Thankfully, the campaign is drawing to a close. Your continued support amidst the distasteful and never-ending mailers has been humbling.

Throughout the election process, I’ve been asked repeatedly why I am running. One of my principal motivations is based on the hope of ending the negativity, mudslinging and regressive rhetoric of the Friends of the Branch. My dream is to develop unity while cherishing our heritage and to move Farmers Branch forward for future generations. I have NO personal agenda, no desire to use the mayor’s office for personal gain. I simply want to give back to a city where I grew up, a city I love. I have fond memories growing up in this city with a close-knit community that generated lifelong friendships and relationships. We are a small town and should be focused on building and supporting our community, not tearing it down.

The constant onslaught by the Friends of the Branch and the new PAC, Honesty and Integrity, constantly bringing up my past and misrepresenting information shows anything but honesty and integrity. These groups have divided our city for the past ten years, cost us millions of dollars in that pursuit and left our city with a huge black eye from which we have not yet recovered. These people are not our friends and do not have Farmers Branch’s best interest in mind – only their own. This does not capture the spirit of Farmers Branch. We can get back to that beautiful image of our town with a small-town feel and do so while moving the city ahead of other surrounding communities.

My opponent has been associated with these groups and his past performance speaks for itself. He voted to spend millions of dollars on frivolous lawsuits, circumvented the voters’ wishes and issued debt for the four corners redevelopment, and he missed a massive cost analysis of the aquatic center costing the city an additional $2 million while characterizing himself as the person we rely on for fiscal responsibility and an expert in finance. He championed the installation of road calming devices on Golfing Green only to have them removed due to residents’ outrage, and he voted yes on the recent west side development plans which adds additional city services costs to the city. The result of his last nine years on council is a $100 million loss to the city in increased debt and lost tax revenue.

As we approach the final days of the campaign, I ask you to focus on a leader willing to stand in the line of fire, face tough questions and not shy away from voters. As mayor, I vow to be a voice for all, even those in opposition to me. I will work with everyone to find common ground to do what is best for Farmers Branch. It is the only way that Farmers Branch will flourish.

My message has been positive, forward-thinking and without malicious personal attacks on my opponent, even speaking out against the negative mailers that came out against him and another councilmember. Elect an active, energetic and excited mayor who will be a voice for all and who believes in the city, our residents and what we can achieve together. With the support of the longest serving mayor, numerous councilmembers and city leaders, I am confident that I have the experience, temperament and vision to lead Farmers Branch.

A vote for me is a vote for a brighter day and a unified Farmers Branch.

May 5, 2017

Dear Farmers Branch,

Our city deserves a leader who is going to strive for unity and inclusion in a positive way instead of promoting segregation, gentrification and keeping status quo to move us forward; keeping the status quo keeps you stagnate. I urge the people of Farmers Branch to remember that living off crumbs does not keep you fed, it keeps you hungry. We're in a unique and prime opportunity to really move Farmers Branch forward. We need to take advantage of that opportunity. We need a changing of the guard from the Friends of the Branch to a new group who believes in this city, our residents, and what we can accomplish together.

I'm adept, active, energetic and vehement about the evolution of Farmers Branch. I want to implement a new long-term vision aimed at moving our city forward that is inclusive of the ideas of all residents who want to be involved. I want to establish and advance a new long-term vision, aimed at moving our city forward. I want that vision to cast us as a shining star throughout Texas, one that every other city looks to as the example of how to revamp and propel a city forward.

Our city is an ideal size; it's easier for us to be nimble, and to make changes that will benefit the entirety of our community. We need a leader who will embrace our diversity, look for new initiatives and programs that will improve our city and its image, and truly champion and market our schools to help build an educational system that rivals the best in Texas. It's our duty to ensure we're creating a city that will foster our children's growth while creating opportunities for all to succeed on a larger level. We need a leader who will keep an open mind while looking for positive initiatives which appeal to younger families to plant roots in our beautiful city. Not only do we need a leader willing to offer all of this and more, but we deserve one, as well.

Early voting begins today, April 24; I encourage you to vote for a candidate that you believe should be the face of our city. 
Vote for a candidate that will set the new direction and tone from the top. Vote for a candidate who at the very least requires it of himself to be honest, if for no other reason than to be able to look each and every single one of you in the eye on the streets and promise you every day that every tomorrow he'll try even harder to build the Farmers Branch we all desire. Vote for a candidate who has been honest at all times - you can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will. 

I love my city, our residents and the enormous possibilities ahead of us. If you elect me, you'll look back in three years and realize the impact of the decision you made to elect a homegrown, passionate visionary solely interested in Farmers Branch's future. Together, let's create that new long-term vision that moves Farmers Branch forward. I might be young, but I have learned that if you don't go after what you want, you'll never get it; if you don't ask, the answer will always be no; and if you don't step forward, you'll always stand in the same place.

Regardless of the outcome over the next two weeks, I thank all of you for your support, consideration and time during this election process. It's truly been an honor to have the potential to serve our city.

One of your sons,

Robert Dye